• Biochemistry and Psychology: the Influence of Different Cannabis Compounds on Our Body and Emotions
  • Phyto and Endocannabinoids – How to Combine the Two for Synergetic Understanding
  • Disregulation of the Endocannabinoid System in Human Physiology
  • The Next Step in Cannabis Treatment: the Benefits of Cannabis Micro-Dosing
  • Neurological – the Impact of Cannabis on Parkinson-Related Symptoms
  • Pain Receptors – the Ionotropic Cannaboids Receptors
  • Cannabis Treatment as an Exit Strategy to Substitute for Opioids, Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Delivery Systems – Nano Delivery Systems May Improve the Performance of Cannabinoids
  • The Latest on Treating Autism with Medical Cannabis
  • The Impact of Cannabis-Based Treatment on Various Diseases – Pre-Clinical and Clinical Results
  • Cannabis Treatment in Cancer Patients
  • New Findings on Effective Drug Delivery


  • The Medical Cannabis Capital Market: How to assess the True Value of a Company
  • Global Trade: Overcoming Import-Export Barriers in a Constantly Changing Regulatory Environment
  • THC vs. CBD : the Impact of Regulation on Research
  • Digital Health and Cannabis – Is the Future Here?
  • Entering the Pharmaceutical Industry – How to Meet Pharma Standards in Cannabis Based Products
  • Creating Global Quality Assurance Standards and Control
  • An Evidence-Based Medicine vs. Practice-Driven Data Based Cannabinoid Medicine
  • Cannabis Big Data – Tracking Patient Outcomes for Predictive Analytics


  • Plant Control and Testing: How to Grow Top Quality Crops
  • Cannabis Genetics – New Developments
  • High-End Technologies for Best Cultivation and Product Development